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Brand & Documentary Films

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“One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul.  Soul on deck shines like gold in dark times.”

Clarissa Pinkola Estes




“Tranquilla, faremo tutto con calma...”

Con queste parole, inusuali oggi,

Regina mi ha conquistata.

È entrata in punta di piedi nel mio mondo con delicatezza e curiosità.

Il suo prezioso Staff ‘Buenasuertefilm’ ha aggiunto valore al valore.Il racconto di chi sono e cosa faccio: bello..., bello e vero.



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Regina Rokko- filmmaker

Michele Oliveri- coach


born  in munich

grew up in bologna and munich


ethnology and theatre university in munich
director & acting at Karin Papst in munich
hospitant "commedia dell'arte" at Sig. Poli in venice


Co-founder of avantguardetheaters in munich

founder of the theater group "Arti-Schocken"
founder of the "bilderbuch theater"



theater productions in germany and italy

acting work for german television


drama teacher in bari and bologna
seminar for commedia dell'arte in munich

1991 TZ-star, AZ-rose - Award winner for Best Director
1995 First Prize Film FFestival "The fantastic film", Brussels

grown up near the baltic sea in the north of germany

during her schooltime she travelld a lot throw europe and gets the first time in touch with sreetphotographie


02 first experiments with moved pictures

05 went to hamburg and studied two years

design (Media)

assistant for camerawork and directing for german television


07 fall in love with theater

assistant for video, light, audio at thalia theater hamburg

installation work for the director Ulrike Grote at altona theater 


09 move to Berlin

study audiovisuell media at beuth university of applied sciences Berlin

worked on fictional short films


11 become a mother and stayed for one year in munich


13 move to ostuni in south italy

start the project "casa oliveri"

several documentary works about her new environment


15 closed her study with a documentary about acting